Ready to start your career in welding?

Welding Careers can be lucrative and rewarding, and many of our community members consider welding to be as much a lifestyle as a career choice. Choosing a welding school is the first, and arguably most important, step in your career. Search by state or zip code in the above map to find training programs, schools, colleges & universities near you that offer welding related programs.

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American Welding Society Education Programs

The AWS Welding School Locator Map provides a variety of information for welding training or education opportunities in your area. Some schools may be listed as an AWS Educational Institution Member, AWS SENSE School, and/or AWS Accredited Testing Facility. By participating in these programs, these schools have shown a commitment to the highest standards in welding education.

AWS Educational Institution Member

Faculty and staff at AWS Educational Institution Members are able to network and collaborate with key industry leaders and take advantage of American Welding Society professional development opportunities, such as seminars, conferences, and advanced certifications

SENSE School

SENSE, or Schools Excelling through National Skills Standards Education, is a comprehensive set of minimum standards and guidelines for welding education programs. After trainees successfully complete their SENSE exams, they can earn AWS credentials and get their names listed in the SENSE Training Database for potential employers to access and confirm their qualifications.

  • SENSE School Level 1 – For Entry Level Welders. Trainees can earn up to 4 certificates of completion; one for each process they complete.
  • SENSE School Level 2 – For Advanced Level Welder. Trainees can earn up to 10 certificates of completion; one for each process they complete.

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AWS Accredited Test Facility

Accredited Testing Facilities (ATFs) have the necessary resources to adhere to required welder testing standards. ATFs may test welders to one of the AWS Standard Welding Procedure Specifications (SWPSs), industry standard specifications and company-supplied or non-code welding specifications. ATFs are integral to the AWS Certified Welding program, as they can test and verify welders to welding procedures, techniques, welding positions and joint configurations

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