Since 2011, the AWS Careers in Welding Trailer has been a driving force for welding education and career development. The 53-foot single-expandable trailer provides visitors with a unique learning experience. Its wide array of hands-on exhibits engages the senses and sparks an interest in the welding industry.

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AWS Careers in Welding Top Score Scholarship

You could win a $1,000 welding scholarship!

This year the  Careers in Welding Mobile Exhibit will be awarding scholarships everyday at tour events.  Scholarship winners are selected through a daily welding competition - the winner must achieve the highest score on the VRTEX virtual reality welder to win. For full contest details and scholarship give away  Click Here!

Check out the list of recent Scholarship winners Click Here!

Featured Exhibits

  • Lincoln Electric VRTEX 360 Welders

    The five VRTEX 360 welders are the trailer’s main attraction. These virtual welders allow visitors to jump into welding. The sights, sounds, and real-world environments create an immersive experience which shows participants what welding is all about.

  • Pressure Vessel and Welding Coupons

    The trailer’s pressure vessel and six welding coupons show how welding is used in everyday applications. The pressure vessel was welded using multiple processes and positions. The coupons were welded in multiple positions.

  • Career Pathways and Scholarships

    The Welding Career Pathway attraction showcases the many professions and opportunities available within the welding industry. Salary, education, and experience indicators are just a few items reflected within each exhibited career.

    AWS has an extensive scholarship program for those interested in taking the next step towards a career in welding. Explore the ways that AWS can help you achieve your career goals.

Careers in Welding Mobile Exhibit Sponsor

The Careers in Welding Mobile Exhibit has been made possible with the generous efforts and contributions from the Lincoln Electric Company.