The complete welding career path guide for parents

For many parents, the hope or expectation is for their child to go to a prestigious university, earn a degree, start a professional career, and climb the ladder to financial success. While this can still be the path for many young adults, the education and career landscapes are very different today than when you were coming out of high school.

Between the rising cost of four-year colleges, crippling student loan debt, and competitive job market, a bachelor’s (or even master’s) degree is no longer the golden ticket to a stable career. In fact, there are other paths that may be a better investment and open the door to exciting career opportunities. Welding is one of those fields.

Select the image below to view the complete welding career path guide for parents to learn everything you need to know about careers in welding and how to share this information with your child.

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Author: American Welding Society Foundation ­- Publish Date: 7/9/2020.