The thought of changing careers can bring up a wide range of emotions. At first, it’s exciting to think about getting out of your current dead-end job and doing something that’s more fulfilling. However, you may also be anxious about making it happen with your family responsibilities.

Changing careers when you have children can be a challenge – but it is possible. It helps to find a career path that can make the transition easier while still giving you plenty of opportunities in the future. One industry that offers both is welding.

Here are a few reasons why welding can be a good career to explore while you raise a family.

Training options that fit your schedule

As a working parent, you don’t have much time available to go back to school for a new career. You’ll be happy to know that you can work welding training around your busy schedule. There are two types of training options that allow you to start your career quickly:

  • Technical school – Earn a welding certification in one year or less
  • Community college – Earn an associate degree in welding technology in about two years

 These types of schools often offer night classes and are much more affordable than four-year colleges. So rest assured, there are opportunities to get trained in welding while raising a family. 

High job placement and salaries

Of course, if you put in the time to get trained in welding, you want to know that your investment will pay off. With welders in such high demand these days, most welding training programs have very high job placement rates. The average salary for a welder is $44,000 and full-time jobs often come with benefits such as health insurance.

Traditional and non-traditional work schedules

Welding isn’t always a typical 9-5 job. Depending on your personal schedule and family obligations, you can look for jobs that offer various types of schedules.

  • Full-time, first shift – As a full-time welder, you’ll work over 30 hours per week at a predetermined hourly wage or annual salary.
  • Full-time, second shift – If you need to work afternoons or nights based on your family obligations, the second shift usually runs from mid-afternoon to midnight.
  • Part-time – If you don’t need full-time hours or benefits, part-time welding jobs are available with less than 30 hours per week.
  • Contract employee – A company may temporarily bring in a contract welder for a specific project or make up for a staff shortage. The contract will outline the details of the arrangement, including length, number of hours and pay rate.

Availability of local jobs across the country

You may not realize it but welding is used in so many areas of our daily lives. That means there’s a wide range of industries and employers that need skilled welders. Welding jobs are readily available across the country, especially in larger cities. You can find the most welding jobs in states like Texas and California. 

Here are some careers you can pursue with a background in welding:

  • Construction – As part of a construction crew for buildings, bridges and other structures, welders join metal support beams that are critical to the strength of the framework. 
  • Manufacturing – Welding jobs are available with manufacturers in many types of industries, including automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, agriculture and more.
  • Industrial maintenance – To keep production up and running, industrial companies need welders to maintain and repair important machines and equipment.
  • Local industries – Depending on where you live, there might be a specific need for welders in industries such as power generation, mining, food processing, forestry and more. 

 Take the next step

Changing careers isn’t always easy. But with the right plan and dedication, welding gives you the opportunity to make a smooth transition and set your family up for a bright future.

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