Video resources can be quite valuable for students and educators alike! Below are a couple featured YouTube based channels that provide a variety of welding content and educational videos:

AWS ARCademy Welding Videos

Featured Video: Weld Joints 

In this video common weld joints and the positions in which they can be welded are discussed. Learn about the t-joint, lap joint, butt joint, edge joint, and corner joint and the different positions, which are classified by an AWS number!


Welding Tips & Tricks Videos

Featured Video: TIG Welding Tips

When you are learning how to TIG weld, its not 100 things going wrong at once. Its usually only 3 things-  arc Length, torch angle, and shielding the of the electrode and the tip of the filler rod. Controlling these while welding are the 3 things that make all the difference.


Additional Video Resources 

Welding-related YouTube Sites :


The Fabricator Series



Resources for Online Courses & Student Activities 

The following ideas and articles are suggestions and we hope they help you find inspiration to solve challenges you are currently facing. Welding is hands-on, and difficult to teach online, but your effort to continue to engage your students while schools are not meeting in-person is greatly appreciated. 

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Resources for CTE Courses

The CTE Coalition has partnered to provide the resources necessary to keep your CTE programs moving forward in these unprecedented times with many schools temporarily closed to students.  

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