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  • Source: Emsi, 2022


  • Review peer research and journals involving current discoveries in the field
  • Collect field and control samples of media and metals in order to perform analyses
  • Identify and report on welding/joining issues
  • Consult with recommendations to correct, mitigate, or improve welding processes
  • Prepare and aggregate reports containing highly technical data to internal and external stakeholders

Education & Training

Education and training that can lead to a successful career may include:

Minimum Education

Master’s degree in welding engineering, material science, metallurgy, etc.

Recommended Education

Doctorate degree in welding engineering, material science, metallurgy, etc.

Advanced Education

Strong publication record of peer-reviewed journal papers

Recommended Training

Experience with collaborative research among other centers/organizations

Advanced Training

Experience using laboratory welding equipment for testing and research

Essential Skills

  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Ability to use laboratory welding equipment for testing and research
  • Ability to communicate, present, and publish research
  • Flexible and able to work in a team environment
  • Logical and critical thinker
  • Strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills

Work Environment

Many welding research scientists work in a mix of environments that may include research facilities, testing labs, and educational institutions. Frequent travel may be required.

The heat map below showcases the total number of job postings for Welding Research Scientists in the last twelve months by state. As shown, the darker the color of the state, the higher the concentration of job postings. The heat map is intended to provide insight into areas where Welding Research Scientist careers are currently in demand.

Top Industries



Power Generation, Mining, Energy & Utilities


Automotive, Agricultural, Metal & Steel Production


Training & Education, Engineering, Science and Government, Consulting

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