WeldingWorforceData.com Highlights New Labor Market Data

  • When it comes to the welding industry, reports commonly cite outdated statistics or inaccurate information. To be the industry leader in statistical data, the AWS Foundation launched Welding Workforce Data, a website dedicated to sharing accurate welding workforce statistics and projections.

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ArcJunkies Podcast: Where has Welding Taken You with Gary Konarska

  • Today I am chatting with Gary Konarska Executive Director and CEO of the American Welding society. Gary is such a cool guy, down to earth and has a really cool story of how welding has provided him a great career. We talk about his welding journey, automation, sub arc welding, overseas travel and the current state of the industry.

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Sarah Stork Spreads Her Wings

  • Life is full of unexpected turns. For Sarah Stork, moving to a farm in Georgetown, Tex., proved to be the catalyst that launched her career as a metal artist.

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Exploring In-Demand Welding Careers 

Topics covered during this on demand webinar include an overview of the many welding careers available and how you can get started in welding! Learn about scholarships and certifications available through the American Welding Society.


Social Media and Welding Panel Discussion

Tune in as panelists Barbie The Welder, Nate Bowman and AWS’ Stephanie Hoffman share with moderator Jason Becker B.S.C.M, CWI/CWE how they have used social media to advance their careers and elevate the perception of welding in the digital community.


More than a Welding Apprenticeship: John Deere

  • High school welding apprentices at John Deere’s Davenport, Iowa, and Moline, Illinois, facilities got a surprise this summer. In addition to learning pulse welding, laying the perfect bead, and mastering weld sizes, Deere required their apprentices to take a communications course through a partnership with Iowa State University’s (ISU) English Department.

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ARCademy: Weld Joints 

In this video common weld joints and the positions in which they can be welded are discussed. Learn about the t-joint, lap joint, butt joint, edge joint, and corner joint and the different positions, which are classified by an AWS number!


Metal Shop Masters

With the recent premiere of the Metal Shop Masters series on Netflix , welding and cutting will become the focus of mainstream entertainment! To judge the competition, the show’s producers tapped AWS’s own Stephanie Hoffman, Program Manager of Workforce Development at AWS!


Burning Questions – How Did You Get Started in Welding?

There are many ways to begin a career in welding. Experienced welders Jason, Zach, Stephanie, and Jonathon share how they got their starts. 


Welder in the Spotlight: Sydnee Brey

Sydnee Brey is a welding student at Lynnes Welding & Training in North Dakota. She says she got into welding after deciding to take a class on a whim during high school. Since then she's been hooked. Now she has dreams of traveling the world working on different welding projects and doing what she loves. 


AWS ARCAdemy: Welding PPE & Safety

AWS ARCademy is the go-to resource for those interested in taking the steps to educate themselves towards a welding career. In today’s video Stephanie and Joe discuss recommended PPE for any welding and cutting processes.


DIY Welding Project: Laptop Table

Stephanie and Brylee back with another fun DIY project. Tune in to watch how they create a laptop table!


Welding Engineer Spotlight: Andrea Peer

Andrea Peer who works for Ford Motor Company discusses what students should know if they want to have a career in welding and her insight into the importance of a membership with the American Welding Society.


DIY Welding Project: Scrap Cart

Stephanie and Brylee back with another fun DIY project. Tune in to watch how they create a scrap cart!


Q&A with Rig Welder Ryan Nierop

  • Ryan Nierop is a prominent rig welder and ticketed pressure welder in Vancouver, British Columbia. Check out this recent interview about Ryan's career path and his day-to-day work.

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AWS Certified: CWE

Nate Bowman (@weldscientist) talks about one of the most important and most underestimated of the credentials, CWE. He discusses how you can make an impact on the welding industry for years to come.


DIY Welding Project: Dumbbell Rack

Stephanie Hoffman is back with another fun DIY project. Tune in to watch how she creates a dumbbell rack and then take things into your own hands and create your own!


Clash of Trades

  • Four student teams from four states compete in one identical advanced manufacturing challenge to see who welds, programs and machines their way to the title of Project MFG National Champion.

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What It’s Like to Be a Welder – Episode 4: Stephanie

For Stephanie Hoffman, welding isn’t just a job – it’s part of her identity. Learn how welding has allowed her to pursue her artistic passion and find a career she loves.


DIY Welding Activity for Mini-Welders:
Bird House

Stephanie Hoffman of the AWS Foundation has teamed up with her daughter to encourage the next generation of welders to weld and create. In this episode Brylee and Stephanie create a birdhouse. 


Life Under the Hood

  • With April being National Welding Month, what better way to generate a little bit pride and excitement around welding by showcasing tradesmen & tradeswomen who have found a wonderful career in welding!

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What It’s Like to Be a Welder – Episode 2: Tony

The first time Tony Bilski tried welding, it changed his life forever. Now he runs his own fabrication company and has been hired for projects across the country.


How Jake Found His Perfect Job in Welding 

When Jake Ross retired from the military, he wanted a career that would allow him to gain new skills and offer opportunities for advancement. After becoming a welder and learning about robotics, he worked his way up to become a sales manager.


The Making of a Welding Artist

  • Flottmann creates some of the most shared and impressive GTAW art on social media today. As a true role model, he shows us all that if you have a passion and a desire to do something, you can always find the time.

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Weld Wednesday with John Douglass

  • If you're a student, or an educator, you must listen to this Arc Junkies Podcast with host Jason Becker and John Douglass, from the AWS Foundation on all things related to scholarships and grants. We also hear from Shane Goslin, a past recipient of an AWS National and District Scholarship.

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Arc 2 Art: Episode 4 -  It's All In The Details                                           

Check out Stephanie's progress with the welding hood, side panels and the AWS code book for this installment of the Arc 2 Art project based on Lady Liberty herself.

 Be sure to follow the project at https://aws.org/arc2art  


Pennsylvania College of Technology Students fabricate a "Living Chapel"

Pennsylvania College of Technology welding faculty and students spent over 3,500 total hours fabricating an aluminum structure unveiled recently at the Botanical Garden of Rome. To read more about the Living Chapel project, view the full article here


Weld Wednesday: AWS Student Sections

  • We are joined by Darrill Gashler who is the Senior Manager of Sections and Student Chapters with the AWS, Cindy Galbavy and her Student Byren Stoner from the Helana High School Student Section in Helana Montana and Lyle Palm the Chief Academics Officer at Workshops for Warriors. In this episode we are talking all about AWS Student Sections and how and why you should get involved.

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Why you should become a Welder

If you like to work with your hands and are seeking a unique sense of community, then welding may be for you. It’s both an art and a science. From basic fabrication to advanced robotics, welding offers a variety of unique career opportunities! 


Arc 2 Art: Episode 3

In this installment of the Arc 2 Art project, Barbie The Welder explains how she had to adapt her original design due to unforeseen challenges. Visit aws.org/arc2art to learn more about the build and welding artists, “Barbie the Welder” and Stephanie Hoffman. 


Arc 2 Art: Episode 5 - Why Perspective Matters

Welds, sweat and tears - all for the love of Arc2Art! In this episode, @Barbie The Welder shares an unexpected turn of events and how perspective played a pivotal role in producing the new and improved body of our Lady Liberty sculpture. Check it out!


Arc 2 Art: Episode 2 - It All Starts With The Foundation

In this installment of the Arc 2 Art project, Stephanie Hoffman discusses the challenges she faced as she began working on the base for the metal sculpture based on Lady Liberty 🗽. Visit aws.org/arc2art to learn more about the build and welding artists, “Barbie the Welder” and Stephanie Hoffman. 


How to Find a Fulfilling Career in Welding Episode 2: Akbar

Akbar Millender’s competitive spirit has helped him climb the ladder at his manufacturing company – from a grinder out of high school to his current role as an operations manager.


Arc 2 Art: The Coalescence of Welding and Creativity

Experience the journey of two female welding and metal fabricating artists as they collaborate from a distance on one single piece of welded artwork. “Arc 2 Art,” a new project produced by the American Welding Society. Visit aws.org/arc2art to learn more about the build and welding artists, “Barbie the Welder” and Stephanie Hoffman. 


New Episode: How Jonathan found his perfect job in the Welding Industry

Jonathan Meyer went to art school but after being introduced to welding, he changed his career path. Since then has worked many jobs that are both personally and financially rewarding. He also uses his metalworking skills to create unique art.


Watch: What It's like to be a Welder- Jason Hammer

Jason Hammer of Rhodes Industries shares how welding can be a great career choice for anyone and what it is like to be working in the maritime industry as a welder.  


DIY welding activity for mini-welders: Diamond shelf

Stephanie Hoffman of the AWS Foundation has teamed up with her daughter to encourage the next generation of welders to weld and create. In this episode Brylee and Stephanie fabricate and weld a diamond shelf. Check out the video above


How Anthony Found His Perfect Job in the Welding Industry

As a third-generation welder, Anthony Gates Mafra learned how to work with metal from his father. His career has allowed him to see different parts of the world, and now is helping him settle down to raise his own family.