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WEC Welding and Machining

One Energy Drive
Lake Bluff, IL 60044

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WEC Welding and Machining LLC, offers you the knowledge, highly skilled professionals, and equipment required to maintain your power systems more efficiently and cost-effectively. We support the fossil, hydropower and nuclear energy sources of today and our visionary leadership is pioneering the power systems of tomorrow.

Part of Westinghouse Electric Company, WEC Welding and Machining is composed of separate affiliates, each of which has a special expertise in serving the utility industry.

What Do We Do?
As a global initiative WEC Welding and Machining continues to support a diversified customer base in need of power generation, energy and heavy industry. This initiative places WEC Welding and Machining at the helm of infrastructure, development in Asia, decommissioning support in the United Kingdom, replacement energy resource development throughout the European community, and the maintenance of power generation in South America.
In order to accomplish this, our strategy employs the facets of technology transfer, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions and direct performance; bringing cutting edge technology to the forefront of the industry.

How Do We Do It?

PCI Energy Services (PCI)
The world's leading supplier of specialty welding, machining, and custom tooling to the nuclear power industry, PCI provides critical leadership in the construction and maintenance of nuclear power plants.

WEC Carolina Energy Solutions (CES)
CES is the foremost supplier of field welding and machining services for every part of the power industry including nuclear energy, fossil and hydropower generation, waste-to-energy, petrochemical, gas, and general fabrication industries.

WEC Equipment and Machining Solutions (WEMS)
Formerly WEC Machining and Equipment, this new organization focuses on field machining, metrology, electronics, machining product lines and field equipment. Functioning along-side PCI Energy Services and Carolina Energy Solutions, the organization will be a key player in advancing WEC Welding and Machining in technology, equipment, and new platforms.

Aggressive Equipment®
This innovative company is known for designing, manufacturing, and maintaining Aggressive specialty machining tools which are recognized by the most demanding experts as the best in the pipe welding and machining industries.

WEC Welding Institute
Formerly known as CIA Welding School, this institution has a proud history of training the finest craftsmen in the trade. It now anticipates an even brighter future in instructing the nation's top apprentice welders on the use of the latest tools and the most advanced welding techniques.

Welding Jobs at Our Company
Thinking about a career in the nuclear industry? Concerned about the outlook for such a specialized field?

Good news.

In many areas, the supply of employees in the nuclear industry does not meet the demand. Though the industry has experienced consolidation and economy of resources, a large number of new employees is still necessary. The coming decades will continue to require the competitive skills needed to thrive in the global nuclear power industry.

That's why we recruit engineers, technicians, accountants, and others every year, both in the U.S. and for international assignments. Technical competency, computer literacy, excellent interpersonal skills, and creative thinking are qualities that we seek.

If you have such qualities, you're at an advantage. Westinghouse is the largest supplier of nuclear fuel and services in the United States, and the second largest in the world. We're investing in the next generation of nuclear plant design and operation. It's a long-term investment.

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